CG of Tentacles and Schoolgirls by BAD COMPANY

Tentacles and AKANE(88k) NEW!

The scene from "ROOMS OF AKANE:MORE"
The botanical monster attacked a schoolgirl.
Her legs are opened bigger after this.
Tentacles and EMI(77k)

The scene from "Labyrinth of Tentacles"
EMI is a schoolgirl.
She has been caught in the Labyrinth.
Tentacle-Hunter MAI(86k)

The scene from "Tentacle-Hunter MAI"
MAI is raped by the monster of fish type.
She has been reaching ecstasy now.
HINA with Tentacles(80k)

HINA is a schoolgirl.
She has been caught in the dungeon.
The tentacles of plant are attacking her.
MAI with Tentacles(82k)

Bloomer is dirty with mucus of tentacles.
This trimmed image is from
Shokushu Ryojyoku Gakuen2 & 3 CG Collection.
Tentacles and EMI (107k)

Schoolgirl EMI...
The girl who put on bloomers is attacked.
This is a scene from EMI IN THE CAGE.
Tentacles and MAI (86k)

This is a MAI The Maid.
Tentacles attack her in dungeon.
There is under the island of darkness.
Tentacles and MAYA(77k)

The tentacles catched a girl.
They attack a pretty schoolgirl MAYA.
The monster violates her very hard.
Raped RINA(81k)

RINA is a School girl.
She has been attacked by the monster.
Her tennis wear was torn.
Monster Attacks EMI(78k)

The Sheep Monster Attacks EMI.
The strings of the monster are looped around
her arms and legs.
Captured LISA (88k)

The scorpion monster is attacking a schoolgirl LISA.
LISA is a strong kung-fu girl.
But she was powerless to the tentacles.
Tentacles and KUMI (840k)

This is animation from KUMI IN THE CAGE.
Schoolgirl KUMI is in a cage, uner the Schoolhouse.
She is raped the tentacles.
Flying MAI (70k)

She can fly, use magic,
and call the monsters as her guardian.

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